Why It’s Easy to Start a Business in 2019

Globalization has turned the world into an eCommerce market thanks to technology and the internet. That’s why it’s so easy to start a business in 2019. It’s not considered rocket science – at least not in the modern world.   

Only decades ago, establishing a business took a lot of time. But since the upsurge of the digital arena with information technology, communication is fast-paced and it’s changed the face of global economies. Businesses now interact with clients and sell their goods internationally every minute of the day.

The advances in technology have been the greatest drive to set businesses in motion. And here’s why.

Starting a Business Is Easy With Market Research

Before modern technology made itself available, starting a business was tedious. Unlike today, individuals hardly had the tools to do any kind of market research upon their business idea, the industry, or the consumers. Marketing was limited to traditional methods and therefore went at a snail’s pace.

Market research is vital to any business that wants to avoid expensive mistakes, launch successful products, and know how to make their customers happy. And thanks to technological innovation, we now have various tools to examine the efficiency of our businesses before setting it in full motion.

Every single business is solving a problem, whether its stress, boredom, time, or anxiety. Once you’ve combined your business motive and that pain point, market research on the internet becomes effortless.

Google, Reddit, and Twitter are the best tools for identifying consumer needs, customer complaints, and endless discussion. You can find out every single piece of information related to a product, service, and more importantly, competitors.

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Expenses Are Less

Online business has allowed companies to do more with fewer workers, reducing payroll costs normally spent on repetitive but necessary business duties. With the emergence of eCommerce websites like alibaba.com, buying industrial equipment has become cheaper and convenient.

Also, with the development of analytical and computation abilities of modern machines, engineering firms can model virtual prototypes before building something. This means businesses can simulate the effects of a proposed change in any business model before making expensive changes.

You can also accomplish needs like this through Surveymonkey.com, Reddit, Twitter (for polls), GoFundMe.com (to launch a prototype), and Google Adwords (for A/B testing).

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Communication is Seamless

Communication is the lifeblood of business.

The development in modern communication infrastructures have taken off. With email, cell phones, teleconferencing, video chats, communication takes place twenty four hours a day and seven days a week. For business people who travel, smartphones, tablets, and laptops allow for non stop communication. This means orders, customer inquiries, correspondence with team members, meetings and more are all continually taking place. 

Businesses who have been able to take advantage of the global communication network, operate in markets all over the world. You can find employees, clients, and suppliers at every place where they set up their market. This is especially great for international businesses.

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Getting Funding for Your Business

With a solid business plan, thorough market research, and a model of your product, investment comes next. The scope of getting investors and funds in the modern world is remarkably convenient.

Social media and the internet offer a wealth of information for finding investors, networking, and reaching larger scale businesses. And thanks to the brilliant Kickstarter.com platform, getting support and funds for a product or service has never been simpler.

All you need to do is have an effective business idea, a quality pitch and chose the right investor. And then you’re set! Try an Angel Investor, Crowd-funding, or even the Small Business Administration for help.

Physical Business and Incorporation

All things considered, the physical business and its incorporation are two of the most important aspects for establishing your business.

Finding an appropriate location for your business can be key to whether you’re going to make a lot of money or not. Don’t hesitate to do all the research you need both in person and online. You can communicate with owners, brokers, and research various real estate websites.

If you need a step by step guide to the process of incorporation, type your query on Google and you’ll find a hundred different blogs with this information. The Small Business Administration offers a wealth of help.

The bottom line, is that technology has revolutionized our way of doing business. Communication, research, digital marketing, and even the challenging and mundane tasks are all easier. Setting up a business has never been easier or less complicated. Whereas the entrepreneur would feel daunted several years ago, he/she can now find an array of information and support online.

Find out exactly how easy it is to start your own business in 2019 here.


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