Why You Should Be Starting Your Own Business in 2019

Most people clock into their desk job at 9 am and once they’re done with their work, they go home. If you’re not starting your own business, you get to leave the unfinished tasks and stress for the next workday. While it’s stable and it pays the bills, it doesn’t necessarily satisfy everyone. 

There are many who are left feeling unchallenged and dissatisfied. Sometimes simply working for someone else just doesn’t cut it; it doesn’t fulfill your drive and it greatly limits your potential. If you can relate, you might be made for something more challenging, exhilarating, and fulfilling in your life. 

Here are 6 reasons why starting your own business in 2019 may be the best decision you can make for your career.

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1. Starting Your Own Business Makes You a Leader

Let’s face it – this is one of the biggest and most appealing factors when it comes to starting your own business. You’re the one in control of everything.

Although suppliers, government workers, clients, banks, and peers still get to tell you what to do and how to do it, ultimately you don’t have to (most of the time). You have choices and can make decisions according to what feels right for you and your business. And you can make those decisions and implement them the way you envisioned.

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2. You Get To Be Involved, Hands-On

Most entrepreneurs start their own business because they can build something from scratch. And when you’re on your own, you feel a sense of satisfaction when you accomplish something.

Whether its a more student-oriented curriculum for your education center or a cafe that welcomes artists to showcase their talents, shaping your dreams in a money-making platform allows you to get involved, hands-on. 

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3. You Get to Give Back 

As members of the entrepreneur and business owners community, giving back and helping others automatically become part of your job. In fact, the very purpose of running a successful business is to help others.

This is done by providing products and services that are a solution to some kind of a problem they have.

Furthermore, this helping hand could also be extended to other causes. By partnering with local businesses, being charitable, providing learning opportunities for employees, and especially by creating jobs, starting your own business inherently gives back to the community.

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4. You Could Change The World With Your Idea

Steve Jobs started Apple from a garage and Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook from a dorm room. Jeff Bezos was completely broke when he started Amazon and Narayana Murthy started Infosys with an initial capital of just $250.

Today, there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t know these wildly successful entrepreneurs.  

But your business doesn’t have to become the next Facebook, Microsoft or Infosys. It could simply be a service, product, or solution that creates powerful change in the lives of people. And changing just a piece of the world for the better is a worthwhile effort that can be deeply satisfying.  

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5. Starting Your Own Business Makes Money

Not all businesses make truckloads of money (except for some). And not every business provides its owner with a fortune. But the fact remains that starting your own business opens up the possibility of making more money than you could as an employee.

Your income is limitless really, based on your potential, your drive, your resources, and perhaps a little luck.

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6. Finally, a Little More Flexibility

While establishing your business and fulfilling the ever-expanding demands of it, you have to work hard and stick to long (and sometimes odd) hours to stay productive.

In many cases, owning your business can give more flexible hours of work. Also, for people who are close to retirement or are already retired, owning a business can give them both the chance to keep their hands in and do something satisfying.

Best of all, owning your own business can have you waking up with a smile every Monday, eager to start working on something you’re passionate about. When you create something of your own you feel proud, satisfied, and fulfilled. Sometimes, that is reason enough to drive you to your success.

Starting your own business is like taking care of a child. You need to:

  • Have a plan
  • Embrace uncertainty
  • Endure pain
  • Be committed for life

You need to have a well-structured plan with a thorough analysis of the possible pros and cons. Be prepared to embrace all the uncertainties that accompany you in the journey of establishing your business. If you have all it takes, it will take all you have. When starting your own business, you’ll need to have the courage to make sacrifices and endure the pain. 

Lastly, starting your own business is a life-long commitment and you should plan, prepare, and stay dedicated for the long-term.

Despite all the risks and unpredictability of starting your own business, if you reap success, the rewards are unimaginable.

Learn more about starting your own business now.

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”

-John D. Rockefeller


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